Bass Teacher Andrew Pouska

My Background

Like most bassists, bass was not my first instrument. I started out on piano and keyboards. In the 80s I was big into synths and samplers, and all sorts of new wave, electronic and industrial music.

From piano I discovered the range of notes I liked the most: THE LOW END! A guitar-playing friend of mine suggested I get a bass so we could jam. I did, and there was no turning back.

I only teach bass, but I still play keyboards. I also play guitar, and recently I’ve started to play the drums.

From there I discovered jazz and improvisation, and finally found some real music teachers.

I’ve been teaching private bass lessons since 1993. I have a B.A. in psychology from the University of Houston. I apply a lot of educational psychology in my lessons and constantly keep up with new research.

In 2003 I started In those early days of the internet there wasn’t a lot of great material out there for bass players. I taught myself how to build websites, databases, graphics, animation and all sorts of other stuff all to bring good bass lessons to the internet. Everyone in the world doesn’t have access to good private teachers. Putting music in peoples’ lives is essential to me.

Teaching Style

The best way to get a feel for my teaching style is to watch some of my lessons available on StudyBass. The lessons available on StudyBass don’t yet go into advanced material, but you should get a feel for my approach.

The Role of the Bass – Studybass

My goal is to give you an understanding of music as a whole and to teach you where and how the bass fits within music.

I don’t simply teach you licks or flashy techniques. When you understand how music works, what to learn reveals itself. You will know what is a waste of your precious practice time and what isn’t.

The main thing to know is I have a plan. These aren’t just random lessons. Just as a song must lead you somewhere, my music lessons and curricula are composed to take you somewhere.