Jazz Bass Players

Although it’s not required, in my bass lessons I try to expose my students to the world of jazz. Jazz is one of the most challenging styles of music for anyone, especially bassists, to play. Jazz uses complex chord structures along with complex rhythms. To improvise over these complex elements requires a lot of study and practice. It is essential to have good rhythm, know every chord, arpeggio and scale inside and out across the bass and be able to apply them creatively on the fly.

Jimmy Blanton

Duke Ellington’s bass player. Some of the first ever recorded bass solos.

Ray Brown

The most recorded jazz bassist ever. He recorded over 3000 albums in his lifetime. One of the best rhythmic feels in jazz. He’s the one to emulate for walking bass. Played a lot with Oscar Peterson.

Ron Carter

Another great jazz bass player with excellent walking lines. Played with Miles Davis, John Coltrane and countless other jazz greats.

Paul Chambers

Mr.P.C. Killer bassist . Check him out on John Coltrane’s – Giant Steps.

Scott LaFaro

Some of the most amazing bass playing ever. LaFaro changed jazz bass forever with his approach. He died tragically in a car accident at age 25. A true visionary. My favorite jazz album is Bill Evans – Sunday at the Village Vanguard. This was Scott LaFaro’s last recording.

Charles Mingus

An incredible bassist, arranger and composer. Check out his album Ah-Um.

Steve Swallow

Another brilliant bassist and composer. Very revered for his not-so-electric sounding electric tone.

Stanley Clarke

A bass monster — both on electric and upright. Set the world of fusion on fire in the 70’s.

Jaco Pastorius

Considered by many to have been the best bass player to have lived. He has come to be one of the most influential electric bass players ever. Buy Jaco’s self-titled album.

Percy Jones

Bassist with Brand X and now with Tunnels. One of the most unique, creative bass players ever. His rhythm, tone and articulations are mind-blowing. They just might put you in the hospital. Love him!

Michael Manring

A bass circus show! He can do amazing things. He sometimes plays 3 basses at the same time playing all the parts of a song by himself. Few have pushed the envelope as much as Mr. Manring.