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Lesson Times and Fees

Lesson Times

Lessons are typically 30-minutes once-a-week at whatever time we arrange. Though it doesn't seem like a long time, I teach you a lot in that 30-minutes.

I teach most weekdays bewteen 3:30pm and 9:00pm and Saturdays between 10am and 5:00pm. Lessons are taught all year round, and you can start anytime during the month.

Lessons must be once-a-week. I cannot teach you every other week. It is too difficult to find another student who happens to want that same time every other week. I also find students never progress very well when there is too much time between lessons.

Lesson Fees and Costs

Time Amount per lesson 4-Week Months 5-Week Months
30 Minutes $30 $120 $150

Fees are paid at the first lesson of each month for all the lessons in that month. (e.g. sometimes there will be 4 Tuesdays in a month, other times 5.) There is no registration fee, but there is a one-lesson deposit of $30 when you start so that you are always ahead one lesson.

I accepts either checks made out to Andrew Pouska, or cash. No credit cards.

Other Expenses?
There are rarely any other expenses beyond the basic required materials such as a bass, amp and metronome. If you are a beginner, I have assembled my own book that will be all you need for a while. I give the book to you for free. If you are more advanced, you may need a few additional texts, but not many. I try to keep you from spending lots of money on books and materials by providing most of my own materials for free. And, they fit perfectly with the way I teach.