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Bass Lesson Policies

Signing up for lessons with me means you agree to the following lesson policies:

Please understand when you take lessons with me you are paying for my time. I only have so much time to sell. So, if you reserve my time, I cannot sell it to anyone else.

I cannot afford to keep students on my schedule if they often miss lessons, reschedule lessons, or make late payments. This is how I make my living and I appreciate most students respect this. Please do not ask to be an exception to the policies below...

Lesson Attendance Policies:

Lessons are weekly at the same time each week. If you expect to frequently miss lessons due to your schedule, you may want to hold off on lessons until you can come weekly. I promise you will learn much better when your lessons aren't scattered about.

Rescheduling Lessons

There are no cancellations. You may reschedule no more than one lesson each month with proper notice.

To give proper notice, call me at 281-704-6666 or email me by noon the day before your scheduled lesson in order to reschedule.

If you notify me after noon the day before your scheduled lesson, I won't have enough time to book another student and you must pay for that lesson time you had reserved.

Not Showing Up

If you do not call and do not show up for your lesson, you pay for that lesson.

Scheduling Vacations

If you will be on vacation and you give me advance notice, you will not pay for the lessons you will be missing. I cannot guarantee your spot will be available if you are on vacation and will miss more than one lesson. One vacation period every 4 or 5 months is reasonable.

Illnesses and Emergencies

If you are sick or have an emergency the day of your lesson, call me ASAP and don't come to your lesson. You won't be charged. I consider one sick/emergency day every 3 months reasonable.


I typically don't teach on major US holidays. I will let you know ahead of time if we'll be missing any lessons and they will be subtracted from that month's tuition.

Frequent Inattendence

Students who frequently miss or reschedule lessons may be taken off the schedule. If you can't come regularly, please don't tie up a spot on my schedule and then not expect to pay for it. Ask me about other scheduling arrangements if you feel you can't make your regular time slot 90% of the time. (That would be missing/rescheduling about 5 lessons in a year.)

Payment Policies:

Payment for lessons is due at the first lesson of every month for all the lessons in that month.

There is an additional $10 late fee if you do not pay at the first lesson of the month.

Payment is either check payable to Andrew Pouska, or cash. I do not accept credit card or online payments.