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Bass Lesson Play-Along Files

I thought I'd create a place to post files I commonly send to students. Right-click and save them to your hard drive as needed. I will slowly fill in all the files and add more.

These are midi files. They sound as good (or bad) as your computer's soundcard. They may sound cheesy on your computer. They are still useful for practice purposes.

Practice Files:

Progressive Drum Track - basic drum track that progressively speeds up. Good for practicing technique, patterns and anything with which you are trying to build speed. About 30 minutes long, I think.

Single Chord Vamps

The same chord over and over and over. Great for practicing your arpeggios and associated scales.

Major 7th Chords.zip

Dominant 7th Chords.zip

Minor 7th Chords.zip

ii-V-I Vamps

Major ii-V-I All 12 Keys.zip  ||:   ii   |   V   |   I   |   I   :||

Minor ii-V-I All 12 Keys.zip  ||:   iim7b5   |   Vb9   |   Im7   |   Im7   :||

More to come...