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Links for Bass Players

Houston and Texas Music & Friends

Drum Lessons Houston - If you're looking for drum lessons, check out Troy Nicar.

Piano Lessons in Amarillo, TX - a piano teacher friend located in Amarillo.

Recommended Online Music Shopping Sites

Bass Strings Just Strings.com has a wide selection of strings for bass and nearly every other instrument!

Bass and Bassist Sites
Study Bass - Online Bass Lessons This is my very own online bass lesson site. Check it out!
Talk Bass The most popular online bass forum.
Weedhopper.org Very nicely done site with lots of interesting bass stuff.
Nativetongue.com - Check out Kam Falk's website!

Houston Area Links

City of Houston, TX - Our lovely Houston.
Houston Traffic Map - may all your freeways be green.
Houston Citysearch - Info on shows and venues around Houston.
Houston Symphony - sorry, no electric bass.
Houston Grand Opera - more music without electric bass!