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Bass Lesson Materials

I know everyone is not made out of money (especially musicians) so I don't require much at all.

Required Materials

An electric bass — Any working bass will do. Read: electric bass buying guide.

A guitar strap — you need a guitar strap to hold your bass for you. Don't play without one.

Your bass and strap are all you need to bring to your lesson. Leave the following stuff at home...

Amp — Just a basic practice amp is good enough. You have to be able to hear yourself. Read: bass guitar amp buying guide

Cord — Get two. They always go bad when you're not expecting it.

Metronome — A metronome is a device that makes a steady clicking sound and helps you practice your rhythm. This is a bassist's best friend. You are the lifeblood of the rhythm section afterall. It is important to get the right kind of metronome. It has to click. Some metronomes beep. One very essential exercise I will show you can't be done with a beeping metronome. Listen to it before you leave the store. They will swear it clicks when it doesn't! I recommend Seiko metronomes.

Recommended Extras

Computer — I will have lots of files for you to practice that run on your computer. (You may be using one of these this very moment!)

Music Stand — A stand is preferable to laying your music on the floor or bed.

Band-in-a-Box software — This is a great program that will instantly generate accompaniment using any chords you specify. It's great for composing and improvising. It's a great practice tool overall.

Recording Device — It's good to hear what you sound like and it's good for jotting down creative ideas you have. A cheap tape recorder is good or you can record through your sound card on your computer. I can show you a lot about music and your computer.


I hardly have students buy any books as I have my own materials for almost everything under the sun. I'll let you know of any books we might use and where to purchase them.