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Bass Playing Clips

These are some audio clips of me playing things I typically teach students. Obviously we'll cover many more topics than these examples. But, it should give you an idea of what we might cover in our lessons. I'll add some more playing clips soon.

Blues in E

One of the first things we will explore is playing the Blues. Since nearly all styles most of us listen to came from the Blues, it's essential to understand and be able to play it. You need to know it in all 12 keys, typical basslines, and its many variations.

Walking Bass

This is an improvised walking bassline. Walking bass is most common in jazz, but it relates to everything. In fact, I think it is the most important style of bass playing to develop. The example is a jazz variation of the Bb Blues. This will be one of the first chord progressions you will learn to walk.

Walking bass sounds easy to do since it's not really fast and busy. A lot of people assume it is totally random, but it's not. To do it well you need to have a solid knowledge of chords, keys, the song you are playing, and the fretboard. Plus, it makes you develop a good sense of time and groove.

Chord-Melody on Bass

As you develop we might explore chord-melodies on the bass. This is where you play the melody of a song and the bassline/chords at the same time. This helps you learn the fretboard better and better understand the bass' traditional role when accompanying other instruments.

In the example I play the melody to the Brahms Lullaby while adding bass notes underneath. It's played rubato which means free time. (It seemed to lull my niece and nephew to sleep pretty well.)