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Houston Bass Teacher

I don't like talking about myself, but here goes....

I've been involved in music since the 1980s. I began by playing keyboards and quickly switched to bass.

Although I also play keyboards and guitar, I am a bassist through and through. It is my main instrument and my first love.

I have studied privately for years with many of Houston's top jazz pros - both bassists and pianists.

I also have a BA in Psychology from the University of Houston. My studies in cognitive psychology and the principles of learning has had an enormous impact on my teaching methods. All of my students benefit from this.

Recently, I scored my first short film called Parasomnia. I have played in several rock bands that, like most rock bands, didn't turn into much. I also used to play in a jazz group called Conundrum. I also have played freelance gigs and parties around Houston.

Playing gigs is fun, but my real passion is teaching. At a gig people are affected by most performances for the moment and maybe for a week or more. Students, however, are affected by every performance for a lifetime. I find that much more rewarding.

My current focus is on creating StudyBass — my site for online bass guitar lessons. Originally it started out as an instructional bass book, but this whole internet thing seems to be catching on (ha!) so now it will be a website. It is a massive project. I think it will probably be the most important thing I ever do. Nearly all of my time is consumed by teaching students or working on StudyBass.

After the site gets rolling I have plans to put together a new original band (or two). I also want to delve deeper into film scoring and release some original recordings.